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Particle Physics Weekends - The life and times of a 21st century slacker. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hi, I'm normal in that wired kind of way.

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Particle Physics Weekends [Feb. 20th, 2010|05:52 pm]
Hi, I'm normal in that wired kind of way.
This whole not facebook thing is MADDENING. I can't talk to ANYONE or start petitions or ANYTHING. Blerg. I want to make weekends longer. I don't have enough time to be in Bremerton AND do homework in two days. So I get three this week. Just me, not other people, and those extra 24 hours need to happen when I'm awake. MMk? Get to your particle physics work-board and start figuring this shit out. I appreciate it. (I don't actually know if particle physics is a thing that works here, but it sounds fancy)

Oh Oh OH! I have a blog, and you should read it. I promise the posts will get more interesting and I should start having a photobucket for pictures. And a camera that doesn't weigh 3 jillion pounds. But you can go here (I'M A CLIQUEY) and tell me I rock. Kthnx.